Alice just called and I'll be headed back to volunteer in Jonesborough for the 43 edition of the National Storytelling Festival. I wasn't there in year one with Connie, Ray and Gwenda. Thirty three years ago when I showed up on my brother's door step for vacation he had tacked a ticket to the door with a message that said "Some of us have to work!" So I headed about three miles up W Walnut to my first National Storytelling Festival. After a couple years they talked me into driving a cart and now for the better part of twenty years doing registration. I can remember telling in front of the courthouse and the coming and going of tents and many amazing tellers. Maybe most fondly I recall the last appearance of Ray, Jackie, Doc, Syd and Katherine. My brother and Faith celebrated their wedding in the International Storytelling Center. As an era passes in my family with brother so ill with ALS it will be good to be back one more time.